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World's Largest Alumni Tournament

Please remember that on Saturday at 12:34pm we will stop all games and share a moment of silence to remember the friends and family we have lost .  





Grove City High School

38th Alumni Tournament

 July 25 - 26, 2020

Entry fee is due by: July 17th , 2020




Grove City, Ohio is home to the undisputed "World's Largest Alumni Tournament."  90 teams representing six decades of Grove City High School graduates competed for championships in six divisions in 2019.  

The Alumni Tournament is held annually on the last full weekend in July.  

Tournament director Eric Saxton, who is a 1987 GCHS grad, can be contacted at   614 736-5959 or email at:    eric_saxton@ msn.com      


6/26/20 Update:

OLPH -  same      MURFIN - same     CITY OF GC ( Fryer):  The City of GC meets with the Health Dept. 1st week of July and is submitting a proposal to play at Fryer Park with the following restrictions = Dugouts to be extended for 6 ft distance when on offense, umpires remain 6 ft or more away from each other, Spectators to be 6 feet from fence and dugouts , bleachers used at discretion of spectator and stay 6 ft apart and wipe down before and after use.   Suggest sitting in lawn chairs closer to outfield.   Sharing of equipment discouraged, use of 2 batting gloves encouraged,    No Concessions sold , bring and use your own private water bottle.  Dispose all trash in provided cans.  A time limit will be in place for all games, time limit amount to be decided after all teams have entered  ( similar to no new inning after 60 mins. ) . A 20 minute window between games for exit and entry - teams requested not to show up earlier than 30 min before they play.  " Parking Lot Parties "  will be asked to disband.    Portable restrooms will be provided and public restroom closed.      All these items will be printed and handed out to captains at the drawing and all captains will be asked to supply info to players and their fans/families.


We are also going to attempt to use Tourney Machine so all brackets and results can be followed on a phone App.  Be prepared to play on Friday night.


Update 6/19/20:   My plan to use Fryer Park for Mens A and B tournament was submitted to the City of Grove City today.  I requested a quick response but I am assuming it will be 1st week of July.   The city has been cooperative and easy to communicate with.  My personal feeling is not IF we will be able to use Fryer Park but HOW we can use it.    There will be safety measures put in place that we need to abide by but that is better than the alternative.   Be prepared that games may start on Friday tis year.   The cutt off date for entry fee and form is 7/17/20 at 5pm.   I will work on brackets that evening and can NOT change those once they are done. 


 Update 6/12/20:    As of today the tournament is on as scheduled on the above stated dates.  There are many factors that contribute to the tournament that are not in my control and in todays world those change daily or weekly.   OLPH site - on 6/5 I received a text confirmation from board member stating " we are all good to play and got a liquor license this year "       MURFIN GCKA site:  Dates and fields are reserved,  Board is planning on playing this location as it has in the past.  GCKA has been working on field preperation and has brought in new dirt for infield.         FRYER PARK CITY Of GROVE CITY:  has received usage request and replied with " we need more info prior to signing off on the request most importantly the health guidelines that will be required to use that facility "   Whatever those guidelines are we will have to follow to use the fields and that final decision will be around 1st week of July -  I am being told using the fields should not be a problem but they will implement guidelines that will be new to this tournament Examples being considered by City of GC are :  distancing in dugouts and bleachers, trying to exit teams as others come in, spacing between games, cleaning after every game, extra bathrooms, no concessions sales of any kind, no gatherings in the parking lots.

Some thoughts to keep in mind:   I am going to exhaust every possibility to play the tournament as close to Normal proceedure as we have in the past.  We have to be prepared to make changes as needed and those changes may happen at anytime based on state and city guidelines.   Be prepared to start the tournament on Friday night if needed.   Be prepared to play in locations you have not played in the past.  Be prepared for time limits on games.  Be prepared for different awards and champ t shirts.  Be prepared for the possibility of different format ( A,B,35,45,women,legends ) may be combined or altered if needed.     All decisions will be made based on what is best for the entire tournament and not based on one players opinion or one teams wishes -  We have the Greatest Softball tournament in the World with passion that doesnt compare so feel free to stay engaged and all thoughts will be heard and considered.

I have been in discussion with GCKA to try and do as much as possible at Murfin this year as they are the most willing to make it the best all around situation for The Alumni Tournament -  The current plan is to have the drawing at Murfin office building and they want to do entertainment and beer trucks, food, etc because they have the space to host and distance if needed at that time -   Attempting to have Friday night homecoming party there also hosted by GCKA 

My email address and phone # are posted on this site -  if you have a question please contact me directly -   I do not spend my days following Facebook posts so if you need an answer to something please contact me   


updates for 2020:       we will have more people on location to assist with injuries, pulled muscles, etc.      pass on to fans that we plan on having transportation from the parking lot to the fields at Fryer and Murfin.       The Grove City Baseball Team is raising money to install turf on the baseball field ,   I am asking each team to pay and extra $50 in the entry fee and all $ will be donated to this cause from GC Alumni players as one group.    This is not required but it is requested.   If you would like to make your own private donation please contact me for instructuions,   Thank you for you help.     In case you did not know the GC Alumni Tournament for the past 2 years has contributed funds to various GCHS high school teams and pays for the GCHS hall of fame dinner - 









Grove City Alumni Tournament